HEADING TO HAWAII! Four of us are currently sitting at the Sacramento airport, drinking Mimosa on our way to Maui! Traveling with this beautiful soul, who has been in my life for the last three years. We missed celebrating our friendiversary last month
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Cuando el viento y los siglos suavizan y decoran las rocas..., cuando las vetas de colores recorren los muros de la ciudad rosa de Petra, el arte se convierte en un espectáculo natural. . . #jordania #jordan #travel #photography #nature #love #instagood #
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Orangutan has a vital role in the forest ecosystem; when it eats fruit, it often swallows the seeds, and expels them in its droppings. It thus distributes seeds up to 300 metres away from the parent tree, making these primates important seed dispersers. ?
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