I love all the book suggestions and tips that @mikeydteach shares. Check out his page for lots of #teacherinspiration! This stack is going to be my summer reading list since I have not ready any yet! ???? Which should I start with? #mondayteachershare #
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The fundamental Sydney Crew stripe by @elmlifestyle is soft and snuggly as all get-out. Pictured here with the Mid Week pants which have a little fleck of silver bling in them. Forget the iron, just throw this baby on, and hit the road. $79.95. Sizes 8
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Get the #asparagus while you can! Green or white - which is your favorite? Comment with ???? or ⚪️ * Organic food is always the best choice both for the environment and your own health. But there are veggies that absorb more pesticides than others and are
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