Ever heard of Space Clearing to clear the energy in your home?⠀ ⠀ Spring cleaning is a great time to do this. ⠀ ⠀ Have you ever walked into a room and sensed negative energy? Have you ever felt unsettled in a place, but not had a reason to? ⠀...
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????Hey friends ???? I hope you are enjoying your weekend ????today I am in the mood for colour with the German #vogue June 2018, my vogue colouring book and some colourful requisites that I am using from time to time and which are getting more and more ?
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Uyku deyip geçmeyin.... Gebelikte çok önemli... Saati var, pozisyonu var, kalitesi var, sağlıklısı var, mutlusu var.... Uyku önemlidir... ????????????⭐️???????? #yeldadoğan #dryeldadoğan #yeldadogan #dryeldadogan #antalya #dörtboyutluultrason #4boyutluult
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☢️ We dig the ink definitely think @sarasurprisink deserves to be up as tonight’s pick for The @insanelabz Marked Ones Of The Asylum. ???????? ・・・ ➖ Do you represent the inked lifestyle want to be featured on our page more? Just shoot us a DM! ???? ・・・
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