Psstt korang Street Churros ada keluar produk terbaru iaitu Golden Salted Egg Churros. Apaa telur masin churros? Apalah rasanya kan.. takut pulak nak rasa. Tapiiii dah makan terus tak rasa risau masin dari telur masin tu sebab memang sedap. . Rasa dia ad
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Got up early this morning to tackle a bit of work - and that means pouring another cup is definitely on the agenda. And is anyone else super frustrated with the latest ig update? Trouble with tagging, replying to comments and when editing, half the time i
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• SATURDAY Une belle journée ensoleillée ! J’adore ce magazine, vous connaissez ? ???? • • #magazine #biba #sunnyday #weekend #lifestyle #saturday #love #enjoy #positivevibes #instagood #feelgood
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