“Every puppy should have a boy.” ???? these boys made me a Mommy and a dog mommy. I hope all of you moms and paw moms had an amazing weekend!! Happy Mother’s Day!! . . . . #AMP #amandamaephotography #AMPEditorials #AMPModels #AEditorials #theamandamae #bo
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Established in 1921, Dhaka #university is the oldest university in Bangladesh. It is the largest public university in Bangladesh and ranks number one on the Bangladesh University Ranking. DU accommodates 35,000 students with a faculty of 1,800. Once Asis
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京都で着物レンタルして思い出作りませんか????? 全ての着物がお値段一緒で選び放題???? 荷物を預けるロッカーも無料で使える???????? キャリーケースも無料で預かりOK????✨ 手ぶらでご来店OK????✨ 当日予約OK????✨ * 京都駅から地下鉄で1駅「五条駅」???? 2番出口よりスグ‼ 観光地までアクセス抜群???????? * 着物レンタルは、 女性¥2500???????? 男性¥3500???????? ヘアセット¥1,500もプロが可愛くアレンジ???? * ????ご
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This time last year, we had planned a trip to Iceland and Europe. My family and our best friend started out on a one month journey and it was f—-ing incredible. Iceland was the first stop. My friend @therebelchick took this pic at 1am in the morning. It j
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