Hi girls! Have you ever thought "I've nothing to wear!" even with a closet full of dresses? Well, it happened to me! More than once! But there's always a #littleblackdress that can help you in many situations. It's a real #musthave for me! You can wear i
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Calleja de las Flores is a narrow street in Cordoba with dozens of colourful flower pots hanging on the walls – and dozens of tourists taking photographs :-) *viajarporquesim.blogs.sapo.pt #travelblog #travelgram #travelling #travel #bloguedeviagens #viaj
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× H I J A D E L A S T I N I E B L A S × . Este libro ???? me encantó tanto que tuviera mapa del lugar y el árbol genealógico de la familia ???????? si te gustan las novelas que remonten al pasado ????️...
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