• Si vous n'avez pas suivi mes stories (shame on you ????), vous avez raté mon déballage de ma dernière box Kube ! . Pleins de petites choses sympa s'y trouvaient dans celle-ci. Notamment ce marque page en bois beaucoup trop mignon, cette infusion détox
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I woke up at 5:30am (still adjusting to the time difference) and captured this Sedona Sunrise. We have a pretty spectacular view from our room, I am pinching myself that I get to wake up to this for the next few days. I loved the little yellow lights in t
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☀️Green and blue ☀️happy Thursday friends ☀️today I am desperately waiting for some sunshine to come ☀️hope you are doing great ☀️pencilskirt #calvinklein, twisted hoops #Balenciaga in #vogue june 2018 ☀️ . . @prilaga #prilaga #instagood #lessismore #mini
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