So happy for my clients on the sale of their property....So many new beginnings and new memories to be made in their future. Im so lucky to have such great clients that let me come along on these journeys with them. #clientstofriends #okotoksrealtor #bles
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En guest cette semaine dans votre shop préféré : le tatoueur suédois @richardfeodorow ???????? Et le reste de l’équipe @bomblu @greenydraws @faintshit @datsallfolks ???? ???? Tattoo Passion Shop ???? Décorateurs de peaux à Thonon depuis 2005 : 14 ans d'ex
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The lovely Hattie @petalshed asked me what I was doing last year and I was surprised to see I was making this lovely chenille blanket. And it got me thinking about how I always end up working on a totally inappropriately-un-seasonal project ???? ???? ????
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