My face always lights up when I see something that I love, whether it’s a stunning pair of statement earrings, an exquisite embroidered top . . . or a snack. My mom snapped this photo of me right when my aunt offered me some of her chocolate bar as we...
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4 yıl sonra oğlumu gördüm. Ben doğurdum ben! ????????
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Non sono convinta che stia bene con il #feed , ma mi piaceva troppo per non postarla ✨ #roma #rome
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#Repost @k_cham_ with @get_repost ・・・ ???????????? . 昨日で22歳なりました???????????????? . お仕事終わってご飯食べてお家行ったらサプライズが多すぎてびっくり???????????????? . くみの好み全部わかってて流石だね???????????? . 22歳のくみもよろしくお願いします???????????????? . #birthday #mybirthday #22old #22th #pink #balloon #ins
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