I wanna hold you when I’m not supposed to, when I'm lying close to someone else, You're stuck in my head and I can't get you out of it. If I could do it all again. I know I'd go back to you... . . . . . #polishgirl #pool...
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Are you tired of those camellia blooms yet? The tree is about done blooming... but of course I took a TON of photos... so you might be seeing a few more :) #sorrynotsorry sharing more on my blog today. Back from #hpmkt and catching up - what’s everyone up
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Zadar is one of the most relaxing cities in Croatia. Laid back and not overcrowded with tourists, it is at the same time modern and steeped in history, each street and corner surprising us with a different atmosphere. *viajarporquesim.blogs.sapo.pt #trave
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???? ENGİNAR ŞERBETİ???? Buyrun efenim hem sağlıklı hem nefis bir şerbetin tarifine ???? efenim an itibariyle nette araştırdım ne tarif ne de görsel yok ???? ben nasıl yaptım derseniz geçen yıldan beri karaciğerimdeki yağlanma için enginar çayı yaptığımı
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