????????????PREP WORK for #FestivalInTheWoods. Getting the grounds together for June 16th and 17th! 25 days away!Check out our website for all the details! Www.whisperingpinesfarmpa.com???????????????????? #wpfarmpa #fortheloveofplants #garden #gardening
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Insegnerai a Volare, ma non voleranno il Tuo Volo. Insegnerai a Sognare, ma non sogneranno il Tuo Sogno. Insegnerai a Vivere, ma non vivranno la Tua Vita. Ma in ogni Volo, in ogni Sogno e in ogni Vita, rimarrà per sempre l’impronta dell’ insegnamento rice
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Quella che vedete passeggiare allegramente nella foto é Ninalee. Siamo negli anni Cinquanta e la giovane ragazza americana é in vacanza in Italia da sola. É proprio questo il motivo del brusio che é stato sollevato dietro lo scatto. In realtà, la fotogr
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正面も斜めも絵になる教会でした⛪️ レンガでできた教会を見て、3人のレンガ職人の寓話を思い出しました???? その寓話とは、、 . 旅人が3人のレンガ職人に「何をしてるんですか?」と尋ねたら、 1人目は、????????「レンガを積んでいるんだよ」 2人目は、????????「壁を作っているんだよ」 3人目は、????????「多くの人々が喜ぶ歴史に残る偉大な大聖堂を造っているんだよ」 と答えた、 という目的の意味を考えさせられる寓話です。 . フランス統治下のベトナムで、職人たちは何を思いこのサイゴン大
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It's #techtuesday - Which means it's #tutorial time!⠀ -⠀ You can add your Instagram #widget to blogger by following our step by step tutorial on our #blog - https://buff.ly/2wpg83A⠀ ⠀ #motivationalquotes #inspiration #hustle #grind #life #instalife #insta
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Are you ready ?! Few months left !!! 11th Evian Tattoo Show : 19 to 21 october 2018, french alps, France ! ????????⛵️☀️????⚓️???? ???????? Have a look at our sister american tattoo convention, held in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA > @tahoetattooshow !!! ???? Po
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