I’ve been hired to write and perform a parody song for a gentleman’s 60th b’day. They sent me the info, I wrote the words. This is not the first time I have been hired to write a parody to celebrate someone. Often it’s for a corporate meeting but it has...
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BAD BUNNY???????????????? #moxof #instock #badbunny #outfit #instagood #instafashion #fashion #ファッション
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El mar y montaña es parte de la memoria gastronómica de nuestro chef, en ella se ha inspirado este arroz con gamba, panceta y jamon ibericos. 魚介と山の幸のご飯料理 イベリコベジョータのパンセタと生ハム、足赤海老のご飯 Surf and turf rice with japanese king prawn and iberic ham.
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【New arrival】 _______________________________________________ ✔︎ bagjack (バッグジャック) | hipbag OC"waist pouch" (ヒップバッグ"ウエストポーチ")-check transparent , bi-color Price : ¥ 10,500+ TAX _______________________________________________ LINKS GOHONGIもしくはオンラインショップ
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