I seriously LOVE doing life with this man! He just popped onto my LIVE video this morning and cracked me up!! He’s such a sport! Swipe for more still frames! And where were you??? Did you know I am LIvE on FB every Friday morning at 9:00 central time?
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♪お勧めの1枚 ▼ FR HARMONIA HM1015 グレゴリオ・パニアグァ 古代ギリシャの音楽 http://recordsound.jp/twi/index.php?mode=detailgid=20616 1980年代にオーディオマニアの間で話題になった「古代ギリシャの音楽」。 かの長岡鉄男氏が大絶賛した伝説的レコードです。 #クラッシック #レコード #音楽 #classic #record #music #Premium #instagood #instadaily #followal
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I love to use journal cards to jot down a few memories at the end of each day and for scrapbooking. Do you have a special way to record vacation memories? PS. You can find free journal cards on our blog - just click the link in my bio and...
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Once upon a time, ya girl made a meatloaf. A vegetarian meatloaf. Okay, so it wasn't perfect, but it was still tasty. You definitely need one of those itty bitty mini loaf tins to make it work! Link in bio. . . . #bhgfood #f52gram #huffposttaste #foodgawk
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