Apparently the altitude of 4430ft is my new happy place. Except for the part where my phone got drenched in the rainfall (storm to be more precise ) and sort of left me high and dry, I was thoroughly thrilled by this climb. . . Repost @anukritiraj . . Us
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@dero_melancia is proudly attending the 11th Evian Tattoo Show : 19 to 21 october 2018, french alps, France ! ????????⛵️☀️????⚓️???? ???????? Have a look at our sister american tattoo convention, held in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA > @tahoetattooshow !!! ????
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Some days are just HARD, but there is hope in tomorrow. — — — Jak Wam minął dzisiejszy dzień? Mi tragicznie... praktycznie od samego rana... może jutro będzie lepiej. Teraz tylko herbata, koc i książka????☺️ #goodnight . . . . #photography #photographer
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