NETFLIX AND ORDER DELIVERY ???? *Vegan????style* . ✨@Forbes just beautifully wrote about @grubhub findings in ordering trends. . ✨Grubhub also owns a slew of other popular delivery platforms (Foodler, Seamless, and more) so their numbers are #legit . ✨So
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Tenho tantas cicatrizes em minha alma que ela mais parece um quadro pintado por Pablo Picasso em um dia de chuva e muita tristeza. Você não imagina a bagunça. É bonita, mas assusta. João Doederlein #life #viveravida #instagram #lifestyle #instagood
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Waiting at the window... Can you tell someone's excited for his grandparents to arrive? We only get to see them twice a year because they're in the other side of the country, so every visit is a big event. Do your children live close to their grandparents
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5月ランチブッフェのご案内♪ 【スペインフェア 5月1日(水)〜5月31日(金)】 新鮮な魚介類を堪能できるパエリアやアヒージョをはじめ、山の幸と海の幸を贅沢に使用した「スペイン料理」。 5月スペシャル企画として、5名以上で前日までにご予約をいただくと、シェフ特製個別パエリアをプレゼント♫ ご家族、ご友人、グループのみなさまでぜひお越しください!! 詳しくはWEBサイトまで♪ @anacpmatsuyama #anaクラ
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