Adam was worried his drone would be eaten by a pelican today. Great news from the Love and Water homefront - it didn’t. . Getting used to the winter here in Australia has been a learning curve. We leave the house in layers and shed them a few minutes late
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Success and achievement can be measured in different ways. But in order to reach whatever our definition is, we need to be met where we are. Everyone’s beginnings are different and everyone’s endings are different too. . Where are you at right now? What
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On the blog today I share how I like to curate authenticity on my Instagram feed when I have nothing ready to post. I want my feed to look nice and ‘in brand’ but I also want to focus on sharing this game of value as well. I’ve switched from...
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. 今日のサロンワーク‼︎ . 今日もカラーを紹介します! . トーンダウンはアッシュでしっかり色をいれて柔らかい質感の艶髪の出来上がり???? . 気になる方はパート2まで(^∇^) . . . . color…福留 . . #ellylondon #ellylondon60th #ellylondonpart2 #神戸 #三宮 #エリーロンドン #エリーロンドン60周年 #エリーロンドンパート2 #美容室 #カット #カラー #パーマ #イルミナカラー #クリエイティブ #おしゃれ #おしゃれさ
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