Keksići uvijek mogu biti još bolji, osobito ako želite izbjeći brašno, šećer, maslac i mlijeko. Postoji tisuću kombinacija a ja sam ispekla kekse od moje omiljene kombinacije za sirove kuglice. Sljedeći ce biti čokoladni ???????? .. evo recepta 200gr zobe
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F R E S H E N ???????? U P Colour freshen up, lighter and brighter for the summer. Hair by apprentice based at Terence Paul Hale. Check out the story for the before and after images. • • • • • • #hairapprentice #hairtraining #hairstyles #hair
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Nice video compilation of the Shuh Syndicat dyno day @cesmotorsport @eurompire_official this past weekend! Special thanks to @carolinafast4 for dropping by to catch some great footage! And @ericvpeck once again for hosting an amazing event for a group of
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