Who's on top of her game? ME! All of November's books are filmed, uploaded, & scheduled I have some seriously great books coming next month! Subscribe @YouTube for premieres! @readingrainbow @RP_Colorado @librarycongress #CarlSagan #Thanksgiving #ChiefSeattle #NativeAmerican https://t.co/QpOpg1D0Cl
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@TheKingCenter thank you for keeping Dr King's vision alive! https://t.co/fMnwCkmDIj
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Happy birthday Dr King! @TheKingCenter https://t.co/ZNRWsNC6f3
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@jk_rowling, how to tell you this with #nospoilers hm... I love how much you've expanded the Wizarding World with @FantasticBeasts, rewatching HP movies is even better than before! #excited for more! Also, HP#5 w/@CO_Symphony today was phenomenal #SnapeismyPatronus #Hufflepuff https://t.co/H3EluFmx94
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