Whiskers trying to keep me #comfy while I’m sick 😷 #comfortzone #catmom #mondayfeeling https://t.co/RJgTyPv2PA
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Please KNOW facts not just what people BELIEVE to be True! Belief vs Fact. Do your own Research! Stages of Pregnancy & What are/How are abortions performed @ ea. stage NC may soon join growing list of states enacting new abortion restrictions https://t.co/Z3PU6W4NCc #abortionlaw https://t.co/64VgnJoISV
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@CanPanicNow This is my off of home 📚 shelf an unused barstool! https://t.co/iWRG250rHJ
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@NCStateFair Oh ok that makes sense. I didn’t see the Facebook post. But, the squeal babies were too cute! 🐷 https://t.co/1PZEIWuIU4
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