#Woman who 'molested 13-year-old girl in Starbucks' taunts victims' families after string of sex attacks in Kent https://t.co/lUIOuocEeK #news https://t.co/1ftN3T46dI
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#Baroness Hayter: Labour deputy Lords leader sacked as minister over 'deeply offensive' comments about Corbyn https://t.co/rPJFCSeF1E #news https://t.co/8YHeZHiyMT
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#Scarlett Keeling murder: Man who raped and killed British schoolgirl on Goa beach convicted 11 years later https://t.co/1A7EcbecJE #news https://t.co/ze8Ha2QdVv
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#Boris Johnson waves smoked kipper during Tory debate in bizarre rant at EU https://t.co/lxLOkEOcnI #news https://t.co/D2qgnd6Xpy
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