POP QUIZ: Can you name this city? https://t.co/VVIDhxei3Z
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Good morning from... #Antigua ☀️ 📍Carlisle Bay Resort 🕖 07:40 https://t.co/YZuBRRG3LK
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Lunch views in #Antigua 😍. We’ve stopped for a bit of food at Dennis Cocktail Bar and Restaurant overlooking one of Antigua’s 365 beaches. Only 364 to go, then... 😆 #LoveAntiguaBarbuda https://t.co/YyHNPJD6nq
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Waterslide off a boat in #Antigua 😆 Would you give this a go? #LoveAntiguaBarbuda https://t.co/hGvTiGb7gy
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