Every time I go through WTC transportation hub..I get goose bumps. Progress and recovery looks like this..#LoveNYC https://t.co/eo9KGIo4CM
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This pic somehow tugs at my heart strings a lot..#RIP https://t.co/hwEDb5bt5p
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Good morning East coast...Day 3 of spring..☹️ https://t.co/IOhh0TXOXw
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Today is expected to be another cold Nor'easter day..so I wanted to dress warm..have gloves, scarf and cap on. Just forgot to wear my jacket and I am in NJtransit now..🙄..well #shithappens #Goodmorning everyone..This too will pass . https://t.co/kzXYvnbcIJ
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Getting back in1 piece after a marathon weekend and red eye flight is what I consider #jobdone Ending #LAMarathon thread with 2 wonderful quotes THANK YOU 2 all my Twitter friends for your amazing support & to my best friend @4renukabalaji for her unwavering enthusiasm 4 me https://t.co/VgjPzSNlgS
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