Every time I go through WTC transportation hub..I get goose bumps. Progress and recovery looks like this..#LoveNYC https://t.co/eo9KGIo4CM
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RT @Learn_Things: This is how a Tomato Separator works https://t.co/e5ZwcLoKEI
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Q: How do you manage your frustrations when you'r stuck wait'g for passport from consulate? A: Do a run in a hot morning along the beach you have spent your childhood on and drink coconut water while watching the waves #shithappens #chennaimarinabeach #positivementalattitude https://t.co/W3ZHcnntXJ
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RT @SirStevoTimothy: Without a doubt the greatest thing I've seen this year! 😂😂😂 Created by @RadioBren https://t.co/uM5yHzj5Cz
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