RT @BBCNews: It's #RoaldDahlDay2017 and look who we found to celebrate some of the author's most loved books... 📚 https://t.co/ln0dKXvRvt
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😱 Near miss as woman pulled from Melbourne train tracks https://t.co/xpLNVTwEfE
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#Zimbabwe's President Mnangagwa pays tribute to Robert Mugabe in inauguration speech but acknowledges "errors" https://t.co/LJrQ4lojPT https://t.co/iESwj7VK9K
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RT @BBCAfrica: The "crocodile" who snapped back - a profile of Zimbabwe's new leader https://t.co/SuchNtNb0M https://t.co/8qsz0XOrlu
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RT @BBCMonitoring: Media output across all IS platforms has declined since Raqqa fell. https://t.co/BukJH24Avq https://t.co/beuaGuB4aw
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