#Snow in Warren MA this morning (Tuesday am)! 📷:Gene Merritt @ericfisher https://t.co/HC6jysoiA2
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HRRR 6am tomorrow. More frozen precipitation. https://t.co/CVk2rCvymx
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The incredible stark, yet colorful contrasts of Napa/Sonoma this spring...amazing yellow wildflowers & vibrant green grass w/ in a landscape of black burnt trees & missing neighborhoods. Signs of hope, but also signs of so much damage & destruction from 🔥 last fall. @Ginger_Zee https://t.co/4kRNm2uhF1
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18z NAM says we probably don’t even reach 40° tomorrow with periods of cold rain...and wet snow for the higher elevations. Several inches possible across the Berkshires! 😮 https://t.co/SHOz7khrdP
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@JenCarfagno It really was Jen. So beautiful in the valley and then a short drive over the hills and all homes gone. Black trees. Bright green grass. No rebuilding started yet. Only camper trailers to live in for the few who can afford them. https://t.co/shQSmocwxC
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Gated entrances to where million dollar homes once stood litter the hills outside #SantaRosa #CA - destroyed last fall by the #NunsFire. https://t.co/ix74A6sTMS
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