Well still seems chilly in NYC from what I hear: #NewYorkCity #LoveNYC #FashionCity https://t.co/UHpIrXNieG
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Why not count down the days and have a Magical Celebratiion--Let's all have a toast to the Upcoming #Holidays. #BeverlyHills #DinnerDate https://t.co/5LJMvHOKi3
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This weekend was magnificent. He just loves those Margaritas and I love drinking them. ❤️ https://t.co/b5cG3sjqaR
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Heard Romaine lettuce still making people sick. I am eating Iceberg lettuce now -hope that one is okay. #Foodie #Lettuce #Romaine https://t.co/bCTRG1Uc5k
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