Pro Widget


$6.99 / month

  • 14-Day Free Trial
  • Create up to 10 widgets
  • 1 username per subscription
  • Completely ad free
  • Filter by username and hashtag
  • Photo popup
  • Link to Instagram or any other page
  • Pagination controls
  • Show liked photos
  • Custom CSS
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Photo Moderation
  • More customization

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Customize your widget More Info

Add up to 10 widgets per subscription ?
@ Show photos for your username ?
# 1 or more hashtags. Example: lovenyc,snow ?
Show photos from this source matching username and/or hashtag ?
http://www. Example: or ?
The type of widget to display your photos in
The size of each of the photos in the widget
The width of the widget to create
Set the widget to start scrolling automatically
x The number of photos across and down ?
New Make the widget responsive so it adjusts with the size of the screen
Add an optional description to easily identify your widget
Where your visitors will go when clicking on a photo
http:// Link where your visitors will go when clicking on a photo
Adds previous and next buttons to the bottom of your widget
Should a border be displayed around each photo
# Background of the widget. Leave empty for transparent.
Amount of space between each photo
Effect applied when a visitor hovers their mouse over a photo in the widget
Adds sharing buttons to each photo in the widget for easy sharing
The widget will auto refresh according to time set below
Time in minutes that the widget will auto refresh. Minimum 1 minute.
New Maximum number of photos to display in the widget
Randomize the order of the photos / videos displayed in the widget
URL of a custom CSS file to use. Need Help?
Get analytics for your widget. Example: UA-12345678-1
New Block photos from these users. Example: user1,user2 ?