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How to display your Instagram photo gallery on Blogger

Published on Oct 17, 2011

Being one of the popular blogging platforms, Blogger has attracted millions of users over the past couple of years. It allows users to easily publish private or public blogs with time stamped post entries. It also offers users the ability to add widgets and plugins to their blog to display tweets and other information related to the blog.

If you are a user of this popular service, you can now easily display you Instagram photo gallery by using a SnapWidget.

To add your photo gallery, follow these steps:

  1. Visit SnapWidget and generate a widget for your Instagram username or hashtag
  2. Copy the code snippit
  3. Login to Blogger and select “Design”
  4. Choose the “Add a Gadget” option in the sidebar of “Page Elements” tab
  5. Scroll down in the popup window and select the HTML/Javascript gadget
  6. Give the gadget a title, for example: “My Instagram Photos”
  7. Paste the code snippit into the “Content” area and press “Save”
  8. You can now click “View Blog” to see the end result of your Instagram photo gallery embedded into your blog

That’s it! Now the visitors to your blog will see your beautiful Instagram photos.