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How to post a link on Instagram

Published on Jan 25, 2021

Ever wanted to share a link in the caption of an Instagram post only to realize it's not possible? Today we'll show you a couple of ways you are able to share links on Instagram.

1. Add a link to your Instagram profile / bio

The easiest way to get a clickable link is to use the one Instagram allows you to put in your bio. You can then add the following text to your post caption to direct followers to check out your bio: "Link in bio".

To add a link to your bio:

  1. Go to your Instagram account and click Edit Profile
  2. Add the URL you want to share in the Website field
  3. Click Done

You'll only be able to add 1 link at a time here, so you will need to update it every time you want to share a new link in your post. It does have the added benefit of directing people to your profile where they can easily follow you if they aren't already a follower.

2. Using action buttons on your Instagram business profile

If you have an Instagram business profile you can add action buttons to your profile. Each action button will allow you to direct visitors to your profile to a different app or location.

To setup an action button you will need a business profile. If you don't have one yet, see our help article here that explains how to switch to a business profile.

You can then follow these steps to add your action buttons:

  1. Go to your Instagram account and click Edit Profile
  2. Select the Action buttons option
  3. Choose from the available buttons (Order Food, Gift Cards, Book Now, etc.)
  4. Click Done

3. Use a URL shortner

Even though you wont be able to add clickable links in the captions of your posts, you can still add a short memorable URL that a viewer of your post can easily type into their browser. To do this, use one of the many free URL shortners available.

One of our favorite URL shortners is Bitly.

To shorten a link with Bitly:

  1. Go to the Bitly website: https://bitly.com/
  2. Enter the URL you want to shorten into the Shorten your link text field.
  3. Click Shorten
  4. Copy the shortened link and add it to your Instagram post caption

That's it! Even though it's not as simple as just adding a clickable link to your post captions, there are still a couple of ways you can allow viewers of your Instagram posts to visit your links.