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How To Reach The 100K Followers Mark On Instagram In 2019

Published on Sep 23, 2019

When you build a brand, sometimes the most critical thing can boil down to simple numbers and statistics. For example, a brand that has managed to tap into a hundred customers today is most probably going to be considered successful if it can tap into a thousand customers within a week. It shows the credibility and capability of the brand. And why does this matter?

In the digital world, numbers have a lot of importance. Number of clicks, number of views, number of followers – it’s a number game that everyone wants to win and be ahead of the curve. Also, if we’re talking about being ahead of the curve, there’s one platform that thrives on such competition – Instagram.

Instagram didn’t take too long to become a hot topic in the world of social media, and today, over 71% of the brands in America are actively using Instagram as a vital tool for digital marketing. With over a billion users on it, it only makes sense for brands to consider Instagram to be such an important part of the digital matrix.

Which means that gaining followers, improving engagement, increasing shares and views, and overall, reaching out to as many people as possible is on the agenda for all companies and individuals. By driving traffic through Instagram, you’re increasing your potential reach by a good margin. What traditional marketing might have taken months to do, Instagram marketing done right can make it happen in weeks or even days.

Reaching the 100K Mark on Instagram

Now, there are plenty of milestones that you as a brand can set for yourself and try to reach by a certain time frame. For example, reaching 100K followers in the shortest time possible. Is it possible? Have brands done it before? Yes, absolutely. With infinite possibilities, Instagram is one of those platforms where gaining followers rapidly isn’t so difficult, as long as you have the right strategies in place.

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Go viral, or go home

Going viral has been a concept that’s been doing the rounds of the internet for a few years now. As long as something is interesting enough to be considered “viral-worthy” you can simply put that out there and let the internet do the rest of the job for you. This can be a video, a picture, or a campaign on the whole that you know will grab people’s attention and force them to share it.

The more the number of shares, the more people are going to notice you, hence driving traffic to your page and increasing the chances of gaining more followers. Now, your biggest challenge in this whole step is “what kind of content can become viral?” While there’s no consistent answer to this, it’s up to you to do your research, stay on top of trends, keep a tab on your target audience and figure out what this content can be.

Is it a gamble? Yes. However, if you make it work, then 100K won’t seem so far off the mark.

2. Engage in giveaways

Sometimes, all people need to follow your page is an incentive. What can be a bigger incentive than the chance to win free stuff? Giveaways on Instagram are getting larger by the minute because of the kind of traffic it regularly brings to Instagram pages. People flock to posts like these and engage with them too, hoping to be that lucky person who wins maybe.

Engage in giveaways

The trick here is to make following your page one of the key clauses to enter into the giveaway. Next, you can also ask them to tag friends and invite their friends to follow you as well. Multiply the number, and you’ll easily be able to score a few thousand followers (or more) depending on the scale of your giveaway. Many Instagram Influencers partner with big brands to giveaway premium gifts, and in turn, score hundreds of new followers.

3. Buy followers initially

The concept of buying followers might seem sketchy at first, but the truth is, several new brands and accounts do it in order to establish a foundation. When people visit your account and see that you already have a decent amount of followers, it showcases your page as trustworthy and “follow-worthy” as well.

Studies show that profiles with a very low follower count take even longer to gain new followers. Think of it like this – when a trend goes viral, most people who might not even be interested in the subject matter go ahead and hop on the bandwagon simply because “everyone else is doing it.” So, if you can buy followers from a trusted source or website and get the ball rolling, reaching the 100K mark won’t seem like such a task!

A Quick Route to Success

Rising to success and falling into failure are both just as easy to happen on a platform like Instagram. It’s one of those constantly on-the-move ships that you need to stay on deck with, or you might just get lost at sea. This way, your primary understanding needs to be of how Instagram works, what your specific audience is looking forward to and then going ahead to make concrete strategies that will take you closer to your goals.