Lease any available apartment and your initial fees are just $4.00! To take advantage of this deal, just come to the Foothills office today, Saturday, May 4th and start your application for any apartment! This is a minimum savings of $346, and a potential
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One of my favorite pics of my daughter. It’s hard to believe that she is going to be 15-years-old next month. This kid makes me so proud everyday of my life. She is the best of my wife and I in one package. #family #familytravel #barcelona #spain #daughte
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✴︎ 古澤先生の ????デュアルアイズワンデー???? . 池袋東口院限定の二重術???? 玉止めが表に出ないこと取れにくさやばれづらさを兼ね揃えた二重術で、1番大人気です???? . 夏休みが始まり????ご予約殺到中です‼️ . . アイプチ・メザイクの心配をしなくて済むので プールや海????が楽しめますね????♥️♥️♥️ . 夏休みは????お早めにご連絡下さいませ???????? . ・ 池袋東口院ドクターの症例写真は➡️ @ikebukuroeast_photo ・ ????‍⚕️ドクタ
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