This pizza & snowball (w extra marshmallow 👏🏼) mini wedding just dropped fresh on @baltimoreweds and I’m reliving the delicious joy of it all 🍦♥️🍕. Getting married during a pandemic is going to be one heck of a story to tell your grandkids, that’s for suuuure 🎉
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Whether we’re knee-deep in construction dust, documenting a couple’s wedding day side-by-side, falling asleep on the couch watching ted lasso, or scheming up the next adventure, I love living this journey alongside you ya weirdo @hunterselman #nothisbirthdayijustlovetheguy 🦊♥️🦊
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My newest batch of muggies are fired & I’m pretty thrilled 🦊. I’m digging the new red, black, & cream glaze colors (especially the red & black stripe combo). The gray isn’t my jam but it was a fun test & now I know! I also DEF overcompensated on size...
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Saturday morning view #blessed
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