Giving a copy of 'Every Little Thing' away on my blog. Just leave a comment on the book review. Happy launch day @deidrariggs
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The best kind of evening.
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A year ago Jim & I were in a free fall of change. Our home, the place that we loved, was on the market. It didn't make sense to move from there to an 80+-year-old house that needed so much done. I would come here and prayer walk and make...
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Celebrating this young woman, momma, youngest daughter. We prayed for the gift of her and the Lord only gives the best kind of gifts. #friedicecream #celebratingher #lovemydaughters
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The first pink threads of morning. Each new sunrise a gift from God who fills the sky with clouds and ushers spring in at just the right time. I love mornings. Each dawning is a holy reminder of His promises rising.
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