Here's the deal. In the early years..... When Jesus was pursuing my soul, people and their words on Sunday....didn't equal what they lived. All is Grace, but the truth is..... people who loved me with their actions are who Jesus used to draw me to Himself. Keep loving and Happy...
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The best kind of evening.
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A year ago Jim & I were in a free fall of change. Our home, the place that we loved, was on the market. It didn't make sense to move from there to an 80+-year-old house that needed so much done. I would come here and prayer walk and make...
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Celebrating this young woman, momma, youngest daughter. We prayed for the gift of her and the Lord only gives the best kind of gifts. #friedicecream #celebratingher #lovemydaughters
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The first pink threads of morning. Each new sunrise a gift from God who fills the sky with clouds and ushers spring in at just the right time. I love mornings. Each dawning is a holy reminder of His promises rising.
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