...quick throwback to that one time our cause-of-death was almost "random herd of stampeding goats" #survivors #traveladventures #fés #morocco #CuteGoatsTho #latergram @mmittons7 @ctjon
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To quote Paulette from what is probably the best/worst sequel ever made, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde, “That makes me wanna hot dog reeeaaall badd.” - I have to agree, sports are nothing without the snacks. 🌭⚾️🇺🇸💙 . (#throwback to the Rangers win last saturday!) #texasrangers #legallyblonde2💖
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I don’t love the heat, but I do looove all the fresh berries☀️🍓🌿 #summer #texas #sweatingtodeaththough
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#throwback to the completely magical (and insanely packed) #Disneyland last week☀️🌴🌿🌸👑
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Ciambella All’arancia, aka Orange-Anise Bundt Cake. A doughnut-like cake made with orange zest, anise seed and ground almonds with an orange-honey glaze. A new favorite from @177milkstreet, on the blog now 🍊🌿🍯
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Mary Berry’s Bakewell Tart - a classic tart from a classy lady 🇬🇧🍰 . . . (sweet shortcrust pastry, wild blueberry compote, almond cream filling, toasted almonds) -recipe on the blog, link in bio #BritishBaking #greatbritishbakeoff #blogging
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