Do you all download these desktop backgrounds from @iteachwhatsyoursuperpower each month?! They are free and so stinkin' cute! They make me happy when I sit down to work ☺️
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One of my favorite small group games is SHOWDOWN! In this example students are working on short a. 🍎 Each student gets a set of word family cards (an, ag, ab). There is also a deck of short a (CVC) words for the group. Students take turns being the leader....
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Snowy mornings in rain boots & jammies! Mama needed an early morning coffee... so out we went!
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Theo picked out & checked out his first book at our library today... I SWEAR he was actually excited. 🤣 I didn’t even make him take this picture and yet he looks like a prisoner.
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Heartbroken. 💔 Never in my visions of teaching did I imagine shoving students into closets. Tears streaming while gunshots are fired. Children DYING in school. It’s terrifying and devastating. 💔 Every time I enter a new classroom I look for the safest evacuation route or how I would barricade a...
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Roll, Spell, & Cover! A fun activity to have students practice conventional spelling patterns & start writing untaught words phonetically. This is just one of TONS of activities, printables and games I have for all the 1st grade Common Core Language standards! 🎲✏️ You can see more by clicking be...
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