My bff and I have the best conversations (sorry it's in norwegian!) xx #bestfriends #bffs #screenshots #gossip
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Art and depression goes hand in hand, a wise man once said.. @melbyemats ××× There's been so much going on lately and one day, pretty soon, everything will be clear to everyone. At least it's clear to me. It hurts so much, but I'm still grateful. Finally I know why...
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Hey guys! I realised I haven't posted my gofundme to help a dear family friend here on Instagram, so I thought maybe sharing it here would give it some more attention! It means everything if there are just even more people who could care to share it ❤️ Medications to...
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Still totally in love with my Iron Fist carebear fuggs. 😍 #ironfist #carebears #cute #ironfistcarebears #uggs #fuggs #kawaii #princess
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Right now everything still feels empty. I rarely check your Facebook profile because I just can't. People write so much about you, everywhere. Claiming this and claiming that. "Funny when your dead how people start listening" is a line from The Band Perry and it's sadly the truest sentence I've...
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