long has it been??? Only a couple of weeks but it feels like ages! First my mobile broke down😠. Then I came down feeling ill. Turned out that I had a severe lack of vitamins. Anyway. All is slowly coming into place now. I got my mobile back yesterday,...
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Good night instaworld😊 😴 #nature #naturelover #my_greece
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There's a new highlighted instastory called Asfendyles⬆ where I've edited a small story of how we past our Easter weekend! Please pay a visit and tell me what you think in the comments below⬇. Thank you in advance☺ #whyyoushouldvisitcrete #my_greece #livelovetravel_world
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A magnificent olive tree at the neighborhood we stayed during Easter weekend!!! #whyyoushouldvisitcrete #my_greece #livelovetravel_world #nature #naturelover
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Slow olive harvesting in Asfendyles. Laying the nets down and letting the olives fall! And they are so many!!! #blessedland #whyyoushouldvisitcrete #my_greece #livelovetravel_world
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