Yesterday somebody told me and M that we look like least he thought so. I guess it's a good thing always enjoying, discovering and exploring the place you live in. Thoughts? #whyyoushouldvisitcrete #chaniaoldtown #chaniaoldport #chania #instachania #chaniacrete #chaniacretegreece
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Would love to just be admiring the view but the distance till the beach was too long and our time was limited😔. #whyyoushouldvisitcrete #my_greece
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One of the things I loved during our hike was the intense smell of pine and oregano!!! #whyyoushouldvisitcrete #my_greece #olivetrees
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Good morning to all🌞🌹. This is on top of the balcony of the Lybian Sea. One of the most amazing views I've ever seen😍. #whyyoushouldvisitcrete #my_greece
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Good morning everyone😊👋. I'm still working on my highlighted instastory "Hiking!". It was a 7 hour hike for me and I took a load of pictures with my cell phone but also with my camera. So keep on tapping "Hiking" to see all the beauty I managed to capture last...
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I love late afternoons at the beach❤. Wishing you all a great and relaxing Sunday🌹. #whyyoushouldvisitcrete #my_greece
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