I’ve just posted a new review on my blog and I can’t wait to read the second part of this amazing book. Which I could say it is the best book of the year, so far. You will find the link to the blog on my bio ???????? . Hopefully...
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Oh hi! ???? happy Friday, friends! #FloatingYogaSchool
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BIG BALLS. We love all sports including balls. We ain’t exactly good at it. Link in bio. #tagueule #unathletics #basketball #fuckyou #potatocouch #potatocoach #instagood #merci
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To conclude my 2017 Favorites, I finally posted the Tech Accessories category on the blog. Find out how they made it to this list by clicking the link in my bio ???????? . . . . . @jing_baloy @miniso_ph @asusph @mumusoph @seagate @digitalwalkerph @foldio_
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It may be cold outside but it’s lovely and warm on King St - especially with our beetroot and ginger soup ????
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