My sweet friend @amorladoll bought me the @wc__official heart lollipop earrings while she was in Japan as a birthday gift! ❤️ I’m so happy because they’re clip-ons and I have allergies to fake/cheap metals! No allergies with these cuties!! Yay! 💘 She also included her Bunny pin from her shop...
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HOW CUTE is this pin from @basuragang I can’t wait to get mine hehe 💘
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Do you ever take selfies so good that you’re willing to ruin your Instagram feed to post them? That’s what these selfies are to me. 💘 ps. I don’t look this airbrushed and ethereal in person sorry
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I’m losing my dang mind over this THANK YOU SO MUCH @ashikeeto 😭💕😭💕
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I miss wearing makeup so much but my piercing is taking forever to heal ahhh! There’s so many looks I have planned! Headband from: @flowerchildrenonly
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I actually have no idea when my Ita bag video is going up but I’m DYING to show you all how it came out!! The bag is from @harajukupeach and you can use my code “pastelcutie” at checkout for 10% off. I’ll try to tag as many pin makers as...
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