My Y2 begins term 3 today! He has been eagerly awaiting this day since he saw Robin Hood in his book stack at the beginning of the year. He's assisted me by getting out "all the books I'm most excited for." . . #charlottemasonhomeschool #amblesideonline #aoyr2 #catholichomeschooling
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Our days are reminding me of Laura Ingalls Wilder's from "The Long Winter". Snow, stop for a day or two, snow snow, stop, snow snow. Thankfully we don't have the starvation aspect that Laura went through. The good news is that February is almost over, March is coming and March...
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Happy little friend. My Y4's (age 9) first attempt at needlefelting. She says it's a cross between a scorpion and a bat-eared fox. 👍 #handicrafts #sayyestokits #forxpion #needlefelting #charlottemasonhomeschool
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I'm a big handicraft flunkie. I tend to get caught up in the details and can't ever seem to get everything together. Rather than beat myself up, I've decided to try kits. My Y2's cardboard armor resulted in discussions about chainmaile. The chainmaile bracelet kit is very cool and will...
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My Y4's drawn narration of the myth of Dryope. . . #amblesideonline #charlottemason #narration #aoyr4
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