A big heaping helping of stress has been removed from my plate, Deo gratias! (If you want more details, you can visit my blog, link is in my profile). There's still a lot remaining, but I don't feel so underwater as I did last week. . . Our neighbor brought...
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Tweaking the schedule with a little helper. I'm using the scheduling cards from A Delectable Education to tweak things. My Yr 2 is in blue and Yr 4 black and white. I put the timelines in the middle of the table and use both sides (yr 2 on one side,...
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Simple Advent. We don't change much from year to year (except add more books), and I think that is a good thing.
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My 7 year old Year 2 is a boy. A very active, always moving sort of boy. Many times we have had some resistance getting school done, simply because he would rather roam the house and/or neighborhood. As I was listing today's subjects, I had this thought....what about using dice?...
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My older kids were looking over my shoulder as I was checking out Instagram this morning. They enjoyed seeing all their "Charlotte Mason friends". :) My Yr 2 quickly whipped this up for "my CM friends with 9 kids in their family" which would be @celeste_cruz . 😁
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