A little bit of the nature finds from when we were in Washington. So many cool things we don't have in Montana. I also had to include what I found at Half Price Books. 👍 #washington #nature #charlottemasonirl #books
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Whew! Last week was *quite* the adventure - we took our "summer" vacation to Seattle. We had a grand time, the highlight being the Museum of Flight. Y'all. This place is unbelievable. We all learned so much, went through so many planes (Air Force One, a Dreamliner, a Concorde, space...
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Ten years ago today, my beloved husband and I were married. We've had great times, bad times, and ho hum times. But each day we wake up and decide to love each other as Christ loves us. Love is an action, not a feeling. Here's to many more decades! ....
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The B-52 is a very large plane. Today the kids had an up close and personal military history lesson, learning about this plane (and it's red star), F-105s, the Tweety Bird (training plane) and the Sky Train (aka the Gooney Bird). And more that I'm blanking on. :)
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Five vials of blood and a seventeen hour fast later (darn afternoon lab appointments); I can eat! My Y2 suggested a Snickers for "all my hard work". Now on to more food! :)
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