Now we feature Cooper wearing the kitten couture, this time as a scarf to keep the neck area nice and warm ... if perhaps a bit itchy. #blackhamkitty
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Happy belated Valentines from Landon… This isn’t the finished product, but Landon had Maga help him make a blanket for his girlfriend. They both had work on Valentines so had to wait to celebrate until the weekend. So I had to wait to post this picture so I wouldn’t ruin...
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I’ve been baking for Valentines Day. Made some pink Oreos (and regular too), sugar cookie hearts and “heart” spritz. #jenbbakes
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We didn’t leave it to the last minute this year! Colton’s cute cube for his Valentine’s Day box.
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Super Bowl sugar cookies ... this after the feast Gray prepared. #jenBbakes
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I've made these #1secondeveryday videos for a year now. Starting a second year with Jan 2018. #blackham1secmonthlymemories
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