UPDATE: After a brief hiatus due to maintenance, our Spectra Sound & Light Spectacular will be back up and running tonight! Thank you for your patience, and we hope to see y'all this weekend. 🎥:@christybgatwood #alwharf #orangebeach
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Alabama looks beautiful from high up in the air. But don’t take our word for it—come ride one of the tallest Ferris Wheels on the Gulf Coast! 📷:@thesandyfit #alwharf #orangebeach #ferriswheel
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GIVEAWAY: Calling all country music fans! Wanna win a free pair of tickets to see our sold-out @jasonaldean show from the @pepsi Southern Originals box at @thewharfamp? Comment below and tag the biggest Jason Aldean fan you know and we’ll select one lucky winner at 5:30pm. And...go! #alwharf #orangebeach #jasonaldean...
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Got plans this weekend? Can’t decide whether you want to have drinks with your friends or go for a long walk outdoors? Since we’re an Entertainment District, you can do BOTH at The Wharf! #alwharf #orangebeach
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Let the festivities begin at the @bluemarlingrand! Best of luck to all the anglers with us this week. And if you’re not competing, come check out the live weigh-ins! #alwharf #orangebeach #bmgc
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Summertime at The Wharf is a real slam dunk! (Pardon our pun, it was too easy.) See you soon at The Oasis? 📷:@anikaeaster #alwharf #orangebeach
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