perfect lil things 🎃
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wish I was drinking my coffee here instead of on my couch ⛵️
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the biggest moment of my year: seeing my best friend walk down the aisle & marry her soul mate. honestly, you’re lucky I got photos of your ceremony because I was sobbing per usual... you are so deserving of this happiness. who would have thought the night I demanded you...
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oh how I love this man. I love our life with our lil house & kitties. I love our trips to Maine, Chattanooga, & Covington. I love buying more & more plants with you & trying to figure out where to put them... I love how everyone loves you because...
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I bet y’all are shocked to read this: a Maine Summer is something I would actually be sad to see come to an end 😮 Summer in Maine is almost as beautiful as Fall! almost... 😉
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my squinty boy doin’ a lounge 🐱
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