I did a thing today. I pledged to @torthodoxcpress Kickstarter campaign for their next book. Click through to their page and find the link in their profile. There aren't too many days left so you gotta hurry! #orthodoxy #orthodoxkids #writersofinstagram
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This is my road but about a mile down. It gets worse and worse as it rains.
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Take two. The next set of storms is coming through.
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Rink is washed out at the base of hill just before it joins Agate Beach Road. There’s some good news! The Agate Beach tree survived!
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We’re okay. At least one of the culverts is working really well and the French drains around the farmhouse are doing their job. We can hear the creek roaring but I don’t want anyone going down there to check it out. As it is, too many roads are out to...
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Look what just arrived!! We can’t wait to read it! Thanks, Presvy! @torthodoxcpress This is a fantastic book! Get your own copy by following the link in my profile!
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