I did a thing today. I pledged to @torthodoxcpress Kickstarter campaign for their next book. Click through to their page and find the link in their profile. There aren't too many days left so you gotta hurry! #orthodoxy #orthodoxkids #writersofinstagram
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I live a messy, ordinary life filled with homeschooling, cow milking, barn chores and meals but there’s a beauty to the routine of life. It’s not flashy or stylish or even tidy but it’s real and good. I don’t paint or draw or create art but I find beauty here...
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It’s #cheesefaresunday so I made some cream donuts with our fresh dairy and duck eggs. They taste even better than they look.
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Meet Hector and Hermes! All our farm animals have names from Greek Mythology.
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I had the BEST morning! It was 22F/-5.6C and my oldest daughter’s ewe lambed TWINS! Here I am covered with blood and goo and finally have a jacket since I used mine to dry off a desperately shivering lamb. I am filthy and cold but I couldn’t be happier! More...
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@twoplusnineislove This is our surge milker hanger. They are designed for organizing all the stuffs. We have our aprons hanging by it. It’s in the the pantry.
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