I did a thing today. I pledged to @torthodoxcpress Kickstarter campaign for their next book. Click through to their page and find the link in their profile. There aren't too many days left so you gotta hurry! #orthodoxy #orthodoxkids #writersofinstagram
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Claudia is so loved. She was signing into her #saintraphaelschool class and when I asked her Brother for tea, she wanted some. He brought her a little pot and a mug and even the stevia. #siblingrevelry
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Well. This is all @mamabirdemma ‘s fault.
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The sun was setting and the fog was rolling in from the big lake and I realized someone had left a chair under a tree in the close orchard. It was sitting under the maple that’s just starting to turn and it looked like someone had been sitting and watching...
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Polly was waiting on the porch for someone to notice her. #turkeysofinstagram
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We can’t remember if Claudia got this from the dairy barn at the fair or our local “Farm on the Town” event but she has it. We often keep little ones busy with things like this while we are busy. Anyhoo. She’s teaching herself to write and doing it by...
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