Exciting call from the New York agency we worked with for the #fiftyshadesdarker promos, providing a gold design for a new #youngadultnovel - I love my job, never boring!💗
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❤ to you #Repost @huffpostwomen (@get_repost) ・・・ Tell someone you love that you love them today 💕 (📸: @ohhappyday, words by @amyturnsharp via @peopleiveloved)
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My third baby is the business, and unlike my actual real life babies, it has been horribly neglected whilst we've been running around doing all the Hollywood stuff, so my first resolution for 2018 was to get it looking lovely again..and after a fair bit of blood, sweat and tears...HERE...
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The Mum of one of my best friends is flying off to #neworleans for #mardigras soon, so I've rustled up these for her ! #masquerademasks #samanthapeachmasks
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