We had a haircut housecall today! Five Blackham boys trimmed up so nice ... and I'm blond again too! Thanks Aunt Livi 😁
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Cal and Kate have a hamster, and she co-habitates between the two houses. I was prepping "salad" for the ducks and slipped her a little lettuce. She liked it.
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I've been enjoying playing Fight List 2 ... it's like the Scattergories game. You are given several topics and you have to come up with answers all starting with the same, given letter. I can't believe super Cooper didn't work though, I say that all the time! #fightlist2
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Homemade Oreos ... a favorite cookie here in the Blackham home. I made a big, double batch Friday night. They were gone by the next day ...
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Went to the new Hale Theater yesterday. The show was really good, the talent is amazing! Quite the change from when I was in some shows back at the theater on Main Street.
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It's a good thing I don't suffer from Anatidaephobia … because here in the Blackham home, the ducks ARE watching. The first photo was what I saw looking up out of the gym window, the second video is of our back door 🦆 #blackhamducks2017
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