Nothing like thick, long mermaid hair to make you feel cute! (Even if it’s fake) 😜 Beauty tip: for gorgeous hair grab some BEAUTIFUL extensions from @lacedhairextensions and have @beautyntrimwithkim put them in for you!! AND for an added bonus, have @rucrofts take some gorgeous photos for you 😉 She’s...
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Obnoxious, glow filter selfie because I want to tell you guys how much I’m loving these headbands! #butreallyijustlikethisselfie #liketkit
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Views from the Hanakapi’ai trail! The most beautiful hike I’ve ever done, and the hardest! As in life, sometimes the biggest rewards come from things that are HARD! Keep pushing through, keep working, keep KILLING it and don’t forget your WHY! 💛💛💛
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I love this beach shawl because it’s under $30 and it’s hiding the fact that I just ate a giant puka dog from @pukadogkauai 👍🏻 #liketkit
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Happy Monday friends! How unreal are these COLORS! 😍🌴Raise your vibration today by staying positive and thankful 💛 Let’s kill it this week! 👊🏻
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Happy Fri-yay! What are your plans for the weekend?! ONE of us is going back to Hawaii 🌺 (#slut) while the rest of us will be here freezing our little booties off here in Utah! 💨❄️🤣
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