Through out the summer and up until about a month ago this feral cat wouldn’t come near any of us. Now, we’re best buds and he’s trying to work his way inside. Our other cat isn’t having it, and honestly, neither am I. But the whole experience of gaining his...
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People want their kids to be sensitive to kids and adults with disabilities- that’s great! Today I wrote some advice on how I think you can do just that. Check it out on the blog in #7QT.
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I probably could’ve written a book like this, but I’m always looking for new material. Thanks @k8devin for always looking out for your nieces and nephews!! #blessed <——- using that hashtag cause SHE loves it and it’s true!
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#fridayintroductions I’m the homeschooling mom with a map of the USA and the periodic table hanging in her upstairs bathroom to help her kids memorize the elements and state capitals. What else do you need to know? #imighthavelearnedsomethingtoo #makeeverymomentcount
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After a deliberate run in with a sprinkler, Teddy’s chair is working again. Here he is enjoying some s’mores while I take pictures and convince myself I’m not as sick as I feel. All the latest on this crazy week on the blog in #7QT.
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