You see the difference between rubbish and jellyfish. This little guy does not & sees both as food. 📷@little.urchin #biodegradable #marinelife #cooltocare #greenisthenewblack #keepingitclean #keepingitgreen #motherearth #nextgeneration #naturalbaby
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If you love the idea of buying bulk to save $$ on premium, earth friendly wipes but want to try before you commit... Look for our 3 pack trial for just $20 + free shipping! Click on link in bio to order your trial! Thanks for cute vid @kate_caddle
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Make a mobile stash! Instead of taking baby to the changing station in their room 100 times a day have a basket in a few different rooms with wipes and diapers. Sanity saver! Gorgeous snap by @livingthescottlife #newmama #mom #newborn #pregnancy
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When our impossible becomes possible 😮 And breathe... How great is @walmart supporting small businesses! Respect 👊🙏🎉 Thank you to all the mamas & papa's who have believed in us & purchased our Joonya wipes over the past year and a half. You are a special type of consumer... curious,...
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We are living on this planet as if we had another to go to😱😖 The issue with plastic is real. We all know about the tiny plastic fragments in the ocean that our marine life are eating. We then eat the fish 🤔 Most affordable baby wipes in the supermarket...
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Last day to get $15 off your first bulk carton of our award winning non-toxic, biodegradable baby wipes. Use code MOTHER15 at checkout. Offer ends tonight so if you have been meaning to try them, now is an excellent time! They become just $3.95 per pack of 80 wipes including...
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